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A chef creates the recipe

They source the best seasonal ingredients from their favourite producers and share what they’ve learned in restaurant kitchens over the years.

You cook dinner for two ‒ from scratch

Chefs don’t use ready-made sauces or pre-chopped onions and neither do we. You’ll get a box of great (unprepped) ingredients, just as restaurants do. Then you’ll chop, slice, dice and sauté in your kitchen.

Chef Mark Kempson | Wild Radish
Chef Sam Ashton-Booth | Wild Radish
Chef Daniel Fletcher | Wild Radish
This Week’s Chefs


We work with some of the UK’s best chefs to help you cook the best meal you’ll eat all week.

This week’s menu has been created by Kitchen W8’s Owner and Head Chef, Mark Kempson, Head Chef of numerous Michelin Star kitchens Sam Ashton-Booth and Head Chef of 28 Market Place, Dan Fletcher.

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“Lovely, high-quality ingredients. The chanterelles felt particularly special! Everything also travelled very well and seemed super fresh. Also really appreciated the fact that vegetarian parmesan was sourced and listed like this.”


“Gorgeous. Just the most wonderful, flavourful ingredients. Impossible to find on a normal high street.”


“Delicious! It was special and unlike anything I would ever usually make.”


Wild Radish | Box and Wine Delivery

Paired with
the best wine

“White or red?” shouldn’t be the only question when you’re choosing wine. What you’re eating matters too. We’ve teamed up with wine expert Matthew Jukes to bring you the best wine for the food you’re cooking. Many of these wines are usually only available in restaurants (at quite the mark-up), but we’re bringing them to your kitchen for a far better price.



Chefs know when artichokes are in season – and how to prepare them. They know when a recipe calls for a Bull’s Heart tomato, and which producers to get them from. 

We use the same suppliers as our chefs and each one puts as much care into growing their produce as our chefs do into cooking it.

Wild Radish | Produce | Onions
Wild Radish | Produce | Bunched Beetroot
Wild Radish | Produce | Wild Mushrooms