Turning food moments
into fond memories

At Wild Radish, we know great meals can create the perfect night, but it’s about more than what’s on your plate.

The anticipation of a cork popping, the smell of that jus reducing, the sound of melodic jazz just audible over a sizzling pan. It can be tricky to put your finger on just what makes the memory of that special evening last a lifetime.

Together with our network of restaurant friends, we have sourced you the perfect wine, music, accompaniments, and much more. We share your passion for great food and creating the perfect night, and make it easy to do just that.

Michelin-Star your night


Chosen by our award-winning wine experts, complete with tasting notes for the full “sommelier at your table” experience. One of the hardest things to get right when planning a special evening at home, decision-fatigue be gone.


For every dish, the chef shares their inspiration, tales of how the dish came to be, and flavours to look forward to. Their expertise in the kitchen becomes yours, as we make sure the techniques and skills they share with you can be used again and again.


We include a fortnightly playlist where the tracks are chosen with as much care as the elements on your plate. And just like our dishes, you can expect to be introduced to something new that you will love.


We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to


Our from-scratch menus centre around ingredients at peak season chosen for the best flavour and results (plus the added benefit of a lower carbon footprint).


We partner with sustainable fisheries and regenerative farms actively contributing towards a better climate future. We know where all our ingredients come from, to the exact square mile.


We portion and weigh everything ready for you to use, with the least amount of packaging possible. And the packaging we do use is recyclable, biodegradable, and returnable.


Delivery on a Thursday means no parcels before you are ready, with plenty of time to prep for the weekend. Being carefully packaged to stay cool for 48hrs guarantees everything will stay fresh if you’re not home when it arrives.


Can we take your order?

Here’s what our chefs have to say

“Wild Radish has the same attitude to ingredients as I do. We know where each ingredient comes from – and it’s got to be in season and of the highest quality.”

Daniel Fletcher, Head Chef 28 Marketplace

“Seeking out local growers, foragers and artisan producers is a really important part of my work with Wild Radish.”

Anna Hansen MBE, Creator of The Modern Pantry

“Using produce that’s at its absolute best can turn a recipe into a world-class meal – even at home, which is what Wild Radish is all about.”

Mark Kempson, Head Chef Kitchen W8

“Recipe boxes have inspired upmarket competition.”

The Guardian

“Perfectly suited to keen home cooks who want to experience a restaurant-quality meal without leaving their front door.”


“An upmarket option that brings seasonal ingredients from restaurant suppliers into your home, along with tips from the UK’s most influential chefs.”

Olive Magazine

“A new operation that brings together talented UK chefs with the very best seasonal produce.”

The Times

“With the likes of Philip Howard and Alyn Williams on board, you’ll be picking dishes worthy of a visit from the Michelin man.”

Spectator Life

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