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We love eating out but too often we’ve tried to make something from a restaurant cookbook and fallen short: either by spending a fortune on ingredients (with lots leftover), having to take the day off to make a single meal, or the food on the plate looking nothing like the art-directed photo in the recipe book.

Here, Britain’s best chefs do the planning for you. Our chefs create fortnightly menus with seasonal ingredients and we test all our recipes in everyday kitchens, so we know they work. It means you can cook a proper meal without spending all day in the kitchen and using every pot, pan and utensil in your cupboard.

Wild Radish | Produce | Guinea Fowl
Wild Radish | Co-Founder Anthea Stephenson


If you sat down for a meal at The River Cafe in 2013 – and for the following six years – you’d have found Anthea in the kitchen. A trained chef, Anthea has worked in some of the UK’s best restaurants for over a decade: Locanda Locatelli, Sketch, The Ledbury, and Polpetto (where she was head chef). But cooking wasn’t always her career path. Straight out of Manchester University, Anthea was a headhunter in the city, until she quit to do what she loved: cook.
“I trained at Leith’s Cookery School and worked my way up from there. Six years at The River Cafe opened my eyes to how important seasonal ingredients are, along with the simplicity and care needed to cook them well. Wild Radish gives me the chance to work with producers and chefs I admire and to share what I’ve learned over my career. A good meal doesn’t need twiddles, fireworks or endless obscure ingredients and it shouldn’t take all day. I know that with the best produce, the right guidance and a little time, everyone can cook a great meal, however small their kitchen.”


James was studying at the London School of Economics when he noticed the new trend for recipe boxes in the United States. He watched as companies in the UK followed their model, but, as someone who loves food, he thought they were missing a trick.
​”The food on the plate always seemed to be an afterthought – every recipe box company talked about convenience, but skipped the bit I enjoy the most: cooking a good meal at the end of the week. So I decided to do something about it. But I’m a foodie, not a chef, so I needed the right team around me. I met Anthea after a fortuitous search on LinkedIn and we brought together some of the UK’s best chefs to make Wild Radish a very different kind of recipe box company.”
Wild Radish | Co-Founder James Bhardwaj

Together, James and Anthea are bringing their business know-how, chef’s experience and love of food to inspire home cooks to make the best meal they’ll eat all week.