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Chefs are rightly choosy about the ingredients they use because they know one tomato is definitely not like the next.

We only work with responsible producers who our chefs use in their restaurants. From using traditional farming methods, to sourcing sustainably and taking care of their soil, each one puts as much work into their ingredients as our chefs do into cooking them.

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Fruit &

We choose ‘radically seasonal’ fruit and vegetables from Natoora for our boxes. This means every crop is harvested in its real season – which is sometimes a very short window of time – to make sure that flavour always comes first.

They work with farmers who use sustainable methods of growing, and know all there is to know about their soil and every seed they plant.

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Our meat comes from the Blackwell family farm in north Essex. They’ve been farming here for four generations, and in the 90s started putting rare and traditional breeds back on the menu.

These breeds grow slowly and are smaller than commercial breeds, which is what makes all the difference to the flavour of the meat. They also use their land for free range poultry, which is naturally fed, with no additives or growth hormones.

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We work with a family run business who have over 40 years of experience in the fishing industry.

All the fish they provide is sustainably sourced, so that there there are always enough left in the sea to maintain stocks and a healthy natural ecosystem.

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