Our suppliers

You’re only as
good as the
chefs use.

Chefs are rightly choosy about the ingredients they use because they know one tomato is definitely not like the next. We only work with producers our chefs work with in their restaurants (in fact, many of them often only supply restaurants). Each one puts as much work into growing their ingredients as our chefs do into cooking them.

Chef Sprinkling Herbs
Fruit and veg from Natoora
Fruit and veg


You’ll find Natoora in London, but their
ingredients come from Yorkshire and Cornwall as well as the southern tip of Sicily and all across Europe. Founder Franco Fubini fiercely challenges the ‘buy local’ mantra: just because something’s from a farm down the road, it doesn’t mean it’s better. Instead, all Natoora’s produce is ‘radically seasonal’ – sourcing fruit and vegetables when they’re really in season, even if that window is small, and even if it means much smaller quantities.

Seeking out suppliers who put flavour first is a labour of love that’s been 15 years in the making. It means Natoora can trace everything they sell from 400 different growers, producers and makers: they know the country, the producer, the soil and even the seed. If you ever want to know if Natoora’s way works, try one of their tomatoes or peaches.

Meat and poultry

The Rare Breed
Meat Company

Four generations of the Blackwell family have been farming at Herons Farm in North Essex since the 1930s. In 1995, father and son Howard and George Blackwell set up The Rare Breed Meat Company to put the best meat from rare and traditional breeds back on the menu.

Rare breeds can’t be rushed: they need more time to mature and they don’t grow as big or as fast as more commercial breeds. All The Rare Breed Meat Company’s poultry is free range, eating only natural food without any additives or growth hormones. And they work with local farmers to source their livestock, which means they can trace all their meat back to the field and farm it started out on.

The company’s slower way of working makes all the difference to the flavour of the meat, which is why they’re first choice for restaurants like Hawksmoor and The Ned, along with butchers like Dugard & Daughters.

Partridge from Rare Breed Meat Co
Pollock | Wild Radish


James Knight
of Mayfair

In 1908 a little fish shop opened in Mayfair’s Shepherd’s Market. Over 100 years later, James Knight is still providing the highest quality fish to London and the South (and the Queen – they hold a Royal Warrant too). They respect the sea, believing in good, sustainable fishing, paying suppliers fairly and never using anything artificial.