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Each recipe box comes with ingredients for a main course that serves two people.
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With wine

£70 for two

Comes with a bottle of wine handpicked by wine expert Matthew Jukes to go with the food on your plate, sourced from suppliers to London's best restaurants.

Without wine

£55 for two

On the menu


Roasted Baharat Marinated Lamb Rump

with sweet potato, chestnut mushroom, watercress, and tahini cream


Anna Hansen

Wine pairing

2017 Domaine de la Janasse, Terre de Bussière, Principauté d’Orange, France

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Pan-Fried Sea Bream

with glazed baby onions, salsify and Jerusalem artichoke purée


Richard Galli

Wine pairing

2019 Duquesa de Valladolid, Verdejo, Rueda, Spain

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Caramelised Savoy Cabbage

with yeast butter, pickled lemon, red wine pearl barley and cep powder


Sam Ashton-Booth

Wine pairing

2019 Alpha Zeta V, Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy

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