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Sautéed Glazed Chicken and Morel Mushrooms

with Charlotte potatoes, creamed onions and garlic leaves, shallots and thyme


2019 Masa Martín, Monterrei Godello, Alma Atlántica, Galicia, Spain

By Philip Howard


Pan-Fried Sea Trout

with beetroot purée, sea kale, broad beans, roasted grape, Kalamata olive and black garlic salsa, crispy buckwheat and caraway


2019 Rubillo, Cesanese, Principe Pallavincini, Lazio, Italy

By Anna Hansen


Nettle, Chicory and Apple Tart

with spring vegetables and wild garlic cooked en papillote


2019 Gašper, Chardonnay / Rebula, Goriška Brda, Slovenia

By Sam Ashton-Booth

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