Put the
down and
start cooking

We love eating out but too often we’ve tried to make something from a restaurant cookbook and fallen short: either by spending a fortune on ingredients (with lots leftover), taking all day to make a single meal, or the food on the plate looking nothing like the art-directed photo in the cookbook.

Here, Britain’s best chefs do the planning for you

They create monthly menus with ingredients at the peak of their season – from producers who often only work with restaurants. We test all our recipes in everyday kitchens, so we know they work, and you can make them stress-free. Then we deliver a box of farmers’-market-fresh ingredients to your door, with easy-to-follow instructions so you can start cooking.

You won’t find pre-chopped onions in our boxes

And there’s no ‘tip bag A into a pan with bag B’ instructions either. To us, that’s not a recipe, it’s ‘flat-pack food’. So we leave the chopping, sautéing and mashing to you, making sure you learn useful cookery tips from our chefs as you go.

In a nutshell…

Our menu changes monthly.

You choose your dishes.

We’ll deliver a box of fresh (whole) ingredients to your door – our delivery day is Thursday.