About us

Wild Radish is for people who love cooking almost as much as eating.

Quick meals have their place, but here we slow it down and remind you that cooking a great meal, and sitting down to enjoy it, is something to look forward to – and sometimes even make a bit more time for.

We share our chefs’ love of great ingredients, of blanching, dicing and sautéing, and we make it easy for everyone to do it in their own kitchens.

Our chefs

Their names are above the door at many of the UK’s finest restaurants. They’ve got years of experience in busy kitchens and many Michelin stars between them.

Now they’re ready to show you that you can cook the best meal you’ve had all week, in your own kitchen – and it doesn’t have to take all day.

Our producers

A restaurant dish is made special through the skill of the chef and the ingredients they use.

Our chefs only cook with what’s really in season, from the very best suppliers. We follow their lead and work with the same producers (who often only supply restaurants), so you can start with the best ingredients too.

Our wine

“White or red?” shouldn’t be the only question when you’re choosing wine with a meal. What you’re eating matters too.

We’ve teamed up with Matthew Jukes, who’s worked in the wine world for over thirty years, to bring you the best wine for the food you’re cooking.

Most of these wines are usually only available in restaurants (at quite the mark-up), but we bring them to your kitchen for a far better price with the service of a sommelier at your table.

Recycling & sustainability

We’re here to help you cook a great meal at home, not fill your home with packaging.

When we need to use it – and we try to use as little as possible – it’s almost all home compostable or recyclable. You can also return your insulation and ice packs to us for free so we can reuse them. Together, we’re building a circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint.