MARCH 2022

Mouths should be politely watering at the thought of salsify softening in a blood orange and saffron pickle, and then be charmingly agape as celeriac bakes with a crust of aromatic garam masala. Anna is a chef who considers texture and layers of flavour in her dishes. Fenugreek is folded into a mellifluous yeast oat cream, and a garlic and leek roll offers savoury comfort as a counterpoint to these strong South Asian flavours. Salsify, so often a shy mingler at the party, is here imbued with a fragrant bitter sweetness that gives it ample billing alongside the robust celeriac, whose crisp shavings provide a final savoury texture to this aromatic repast.

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Matthew Jukes, our wine pairing expert has paired this dish with 2020 Rioja Blanca, Izadi Larrosa, Spain.

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Wild Radish · Anna Hansen - Stuffed leeks
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*Shoegaze Revival*

It’s the soundtrack to the quintessential 80s alternative American high school prom scene. The ice-cool loner shyly locks eyes (through a perfectly coiffed wayward fringe) with their crush over a gaudily lit, empty dance floor. Smoke machines, vaseline on the lens and disco lights. Lonely, ethereal songs of heartbreak and irreverence that seem to play out exclusively in slow motion.

Only now, it’s on TikTok. A whole new generation have been feverishly consuming every morsel of Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins they can lay their hands on. Through years of on and off social isolation at such a formative age - a new school of musicians have emerged.

Emboldened by the defiant other-ness of the classic, 80’s genre that slunk back into the shadows as Brit-pop reared it’s gelled, madforit head.

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Our series of playlists are designed to accompany you all the way from the cooking, to the dining. Taking you on journeys that are a mixture of both the familiar and the adventurous, just as our menus are.

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Compiling the playlists is Matt Farthing, a multi-disciplinary instrumentalist, composer and sound designer whose music and compositions have been played on radio stations as far ranging as Classic FM, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 1 Xtra.