You choose...

A dish created by our carefully chosen selection of the UK's leading chefs. There’s always a meat, fish and plant-forward option on our monthly changing menus. Each box has the perfect quantities for two people.

Our chefs create our menus just as they would in their restaurant. They plan each recipe carefully, thinking about what’s in season, what will work in under an hour, and what tips they need to share along the way. So you get the same delicious results from your cooking as they do.

We deliver...

A box of beautifully fresh ingredients to your door, snugly tucked up in recyclable packaging so they arrive to you in great condition without costing the Earth.

We use the same ethical suppliers as our chefs and each one puts as much care – and love – into growing their produce as our chefs do into cooking it.

Our recipe card is a keeper, with clear step-by-step instructions, your finished dish promises to be every bit as delicious and enjoyable to make at home as it was when first created by the chef.

You create, share and enjoy

Dinner for two – from scratch. Your ingredients arrive to you whole, just as they would to a restaurant, so they are every bit as delicious as nature intended. Then you’ll chop, slice, dice and saute in your kitchen.

Because the journey is just as important as the destination, we provide you with everything you need – and more – to make a beautiful dish into a truly memorable evening.