From chefs
who love food
as much as you do

We work with a carefully selected few of the UK’s best chefs to help you cook a restaurant-quality meal in your own kitchen.

Between them there are seven Michelin stars, one Great British Menu finalist and five published cookbooks.

And we’re not simply namedropping chefs here and there: our chefs are shareholders in Wild Radish and have been part of our team from the very start, so they’re committed to helping you create memorable evenings at home around exceptional plates.

Philip Howard

Owner & Head Chef of Michelin starred Elystan Street, formerly Head Chef of 2 Michelin starred The Square

"Seasonal ingredients are everything. Simply put, the golden rule of cooking for me really is: what grows together, goes together."

Known as a ‘chef’s chef’ and as one of the most respected chefs today, Philip Howard trained with some of the biggest restaurant names: the Roux Brothers, Marco Pierre White and Simon Hopkinson. His first restaurant, The Square, had two Michelin Stars for 17 years before he opened Elystan Street in Chelsea, which won its first star in year one. Philip is our kind of chef: he puts flavour and taste first, sources very carefully allowing the produce to shine, and creates plates that are as delicious as they are fun to create. 

Anna Hansen MBE

Creator of the The Modern Pantry

“My larder is global, but, at the same time, I want to use seasonal and sustainable ingredients. So seeking out local growers, foragers and artisan producers is a really important part of my work.”

In 2008, Anna Hansen opened The Modern Pantry, a restaurant she ran for 11 years and inspired her book, ‘The Modern Pantry Cookbook’. Anna brings together the best British, seasonal produce with flavours and textures
from all over the world. She’s inspired by her Danish grandmother’s cooking and many of the great chefs she’s worked with over the years, including Stephanie Alexander, Peter Gordon, and Margot and Fergus Henderson, who founded St. John in Clerkenwell.

Alyn Williams

Michelin stars, two times over

“My dad was a keen cook and gardener and he grew most of the vegetables we ate at home. It meant his food was as seasonal as the garden – the flavours of those vegetables were better than anything else – and that’s stayed with me as a chef. Using out-of-season produce doesn't really make sense when we think about what's going on with climate right now.”

Alyn earned his stripes in the Michelin-star kitchens of Michel Perraud, Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing. He opened his restaurant at The Westbury in November 2011, working at the pass there every day for eight years – and winning a Michelin star in year one. He left in 2019 to work on his new restaurant and next chapter (watch this space). Alyn puts ingredients first. He knows everything about what’s in season and where his ingredients come from, which makes all the difference to the quality and flavour of his dishes. 

Richard Galli

Head Chef at Michelin starred The Goring Hotel

“In the end, the food on your plate is all about the produce you’re working with – no great dish was ever made with poor ingredients. And it starts with the farmers, the fishermen and the growers. It’s not just the chef, it’s a team effort.”

Born in Brazil from an Italian family, Richard Galli’s earliest memories involve good food and a close connection to produce. Add in classical French training, a few years working in the Middle East and a love of Asian food and you get a good idea of how Richard plays with bold flavours, spice, acidity and texture. His food at The Goring have won the hotel its Michelin star, and his dishes for Wild Radish are always simply done, yet full of flavour innovation

Gabriel Waterhouse

Chef-owner at The Waterhouse Project

Gabriel's focus on seasonality, sustainable produce and incredible flavours come through in each of his dishes.

Gabriel trained with great Michelin chefs, including Herbert Berger (previous head chef of Maxims, The Ritz and the Café Royal) and Jeff Galvin at La Chapelle. Now as the owner of The Water House Project, Gabriel brings bring fine dining to a social eating environment. With a technique deeply rooted in classic French fine dining, Gabriel's plates speak of deep understanding of the nuances of ingredients and flavour balancing. 

Mark Kempson

Head Chef of Michelin starred Kitchen W8

“For me, it’s all about using produce that’s at its absolute best. Ingredients that are in season at the same time naturally work well together and can turn a recipe into a world-class meal – even at home.”

Mark has been cooking in top Michelin Star restaurants for over 20 years, training under Marc Wilkinson, John Campbell and Philip Howard. He then went on to open and head up Kitchen W8, which won a Michelin star in its first year – and kept it year after year. Mark cooks dishes that demonstrate a true understanding of what it takes to create exceptional plates that are uniquely scrumptious and beg to be repeated.

Sam Ashton-Booth

Innovation & Development Chef at Tom Aitkens Michelin starred Muse

Sam started young, helping his uncle with Sunday lunch and his grandma with her vegetable garden. He was passionate about produce and even then and loved working closely with nature. 

Quite early in his chef career, he became senior chefde partie at Tom Sellers’ Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Story’, working his way up to Head Chef. Restaurant Story is a seasonal dining experience that gained its Michelin star after five months of opening in 2013.

He ran a pop-up at Counter Culture in Clapham before becoming sous chef at Brett Graham’s The Ledbury. He’s now planning to open his own restaurant in east London.

Marianna Leivaditaki

Former Head Chef at Morito, now writing her own cookbook

"My dad is from Crete and my mum was Scottish, so the blend of meals when I was growing up was a mix of island fresh fish, Cretan spices, Sunday bacon and eggs, and traditional apple pies – quite a cultural spectrum! We used wonderful – often wild – ingredients and cooked them simply, which is how I work in my own kitchen today."

Marianna was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Her father was a fisherman, catching fish that her mother then served at the family’s taverna in the town. Marianna spent much of her childhood helping in the restaurant, learning
the family dishes and cooking skills from her grandmothers. As an adult, she travelled through France and Spain on a bike and lived in the Ecuadorian jungle, cooking with local ingredients. In London, she brought her Cretan flavours first to Sam and Sam Clark’s Moro, and then to Morito, where she is head chef. Marianna's passion is bringing Middle Eastern and Greek ingredients and recipes together – and learning from both.

Daniel Fletcher

Head Chef at 28 Market Place

“Wild Radish has the same attitude to ingredients as I do. We go to great lengths to make sure we know where each ingredient comes from – and they’ve got to be in season and the highest quality.”

Dan Fletcher first stepped into a professional kitchen when he was 14 and knew it was where he was meant to be. A Yorkshireman, he trained under Tom Kitchin at The Kitchin in Edinburgh, Tommy Banks and Adam Jackson at Black Swan in Yorkshire and Philip Howard in Mayfair’s The Square. Tom Kitchin’s ‘nature to plate’ mantra stayed with Dan from the start. He takes inspiration from his surroundings to cook modern dishes with seasonal ingredients and fresh, clean flavours. This approach helped him win the North East heat of The Great British Menu and then become Head Chef at 28 Market Place in Somerset.