our story

Making home your favourite restaurant

We launched in October 2020 with one mission: to deliver exceptional from-scratch food-based experiences to homes nationwide.

Along the way, we demystify and empower cooking confidence, encourage diverse eating habits by introducing produce you may have never attempted to cook by yourself, and lead, by demonstration, with what conscious consumption is all about.

We take all our knowledge of award-winning hospitality – where the sole focus is giving you the best night at our restaurants – and bring that to your home.

the wild radish team

Who are we?

Anthea is our founder and a professional chef who spent almost 10 years in some of London's most influential kitchens. Along the way, she learnt a thing or two about what it takes to create exceptional plates, and what impeccable hospitality was all about.

She was also an avid home cook for decades prior, and was endlessly frustrated by the pitfalls of bad recipes and impossible-to-source ingredients lists. Although she enjoyed putting together a thoughtful evening, there wasn't always the time to do so, and she can't stand waste.

Angelisa was a successful and dedicated restaurant manager before Wild Radish. She portions and packs all of our boxes by hand, and answers all your queries. She is as discerning as the fussiest of chefs about the quality of what we send, so you know your box always be thoughtfully assembled with passion and care.

passion, delivered.

It takes a village

We've partnered with 9 award-winning chefs who work with us consistently creating our menus. You can't find these plates anywhere else, not even in their restaurants.

Set at 3 levels of kitchen expertise, the menus are created with achievability and enjoyment in mind. We share chef knowledge around simple execution and flavour combinations that even well-seasoned cooks will find enriching. The resulting plates really do look like the photos and offer a kitchen experience to be savoured.

We bring the sommelier to your table with our wine. Paired by Matthew Jukes, an award-winning wine writer, he has been pairing wines in the finest restaurants for over 30 years. His accompanying wine-pairing audio is not to be missed.

Sourcing is uncompromising. Wherever possible, our produce comes from sustainable and regenerative farms, fisheries and artisans. Also, our packaging is returnable, compostable or at worst, recyclable.

We're committed to providing exceptional experiences that support a positive climate future.

Beyond the recipe box

We've created Wild Radish so you can create and share the perfect night at home.

We're for people who don't just love to cook and learn new skills, but also want enough time to savour the meal in their chosen company...maybe with perfectly paired wine (because what wine goes with turmeric, anyway?), a curated playlist, and some words from the chef themselves.