April 2022

There’s nothing traditional about Sam Ashton Booth’s cooking. Sam is a wild chef, for all the right reasons. Nettle pesto anyone? Why, of course, because the peppery zing of the nettles will complement the richness of the parmesan, olive oil and almonds, which will, in turn, soothe the bittersweetness of the buttery apple and chicory tart.

You will be pleasantly invigorated by the fragrant melting apple and the acidulous roasting chicory. A three-cornered leek butter will anoint asparagus, yellow & purple carrots, radishes and green beans that are steamed al dente, en papillote so that none of their vibrant texture is lost. You are in wild but safe hands here.

Sam will tell you about his creation, below:

bring the sommelier to your table

Matthew Jukes, our wine pairing expert has paired this dish with a 2020 Gašper, Chardonnay / Rebula from Goriška Brda, Slovenia.

Click the waveform below to hear about this pairing.

Wild Radish · Sam - Nettle, chicory and apple tart
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*Wait...I know this one*

Sampling. Arguably a musical phenomenon that’s been around since composers first put quill to parchment. The practise was popularised through musical “quotations”, amongst flurries of virtuosity, in dark jazz clubs and truly solidified through the stratospheric rise of turntable-based hip hop starting around the 80s. Depending on who you ask it’s either a glorious revolution that’s helped shaped our ideas of what modern music truly is - or literal theft.

Regardless of opinion the way sampling has influenced the music of today is utterly undeniable. Listen to the first track in this playlist for evidence of that: if it sounds familiar you may have heard one of the 5000+ tracks that have sampled it’s famous drum break.

So here’s to the unsung heroes of modern music, raise a glass and see how many samples you can spot.

...about our music.

Our series of playlists are designed to accompany you all the way from the cooking, to the dining. Taking you on journeys that are a mixture of both the familiar and the adventurous, just as our menus are.

No more letting food get cold while you decide what to listen to, we have got you covered.

Compiling the playlists is Matt Farthing, a multi-disciplinary instrumentalist, composer and sound designer whose music and compositions have been played on radio stations as far ranging as Classic FM, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 1 Xtra.