MAY 2022

This month Gabriel Waterhouse treats us to a rich, piquant and aromatic repast. The sea meets the soil as tender, sweet cod yields to the fragrant earth of creamed celeriac. A luxuriant broth of fish stock and double cream, imbued with star anise, is refreshed with preserved lemon and verdant chive oil. Peak seasons English asparagus and fresh peas, gently sauteed in butter and mint, remind us that we are on the cusp of summer. Garlic and thyme toasted hazelnuts add a rich savoury bite to a dish that is both wholesome and light. This is a nourishing yet graceful plate from a master of culinary balance.

Gabriel will tell you about his creation, below:

bring the sommelier to your table

Matthew Jukes, our wine pairing expert has paired this dish with a 2020 Sentidiño, Rías Baixas Albariño, Bodegas Gallegas from Galicia, Spain.

Click the waveform below to hear about this pairing.

Wild Radish · Gabriel - Cod Preserved Lemon Broth
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**Disco Rarities**

Quite possibly one of the most instantly recognisable genres in the history of music, Disco is a demographic-busting movement whose influence is still seismic to this day.

Walk into the right neon-lit bar in any city in the world on a Saturday night and the chances are you’ll be greeted by the sight of DJ elbow deep in a crate of outlandishly adjourned vinyl as a heady soundtrack of Donna Summer, Chic, Rick James et al. gets your head involuntarily nodding along.

Hit the real jackpot, however, and your selector might eschew the Sister Sledge and go deeper...

...about our music

Our series of playlists are designed to accompany you all the way from the cooking, to the dining. Taking you on journeys that are a mixture of both the familiar and the adventurous, just as our menus are.

No more letting food get cold while you decide what to listen to, we have got you covered.

Compiling the playlists is Matt Farthing, a multi-disciplinary instrumentalist, composer and sound designer whose music and compositions have been played on radio stations as far ranging as Classic FM, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 1 Xtra.