Izakaya Menu by Shuko Oda

june 2022

The gracious Shuko Oda brings a glorious multi-course menu to your table this month. Her appreciation for the souls' need to slow down is reflected in the honesty, care and quality of her authentic yet imaginative Japanese cuisine.

To begin, crisp tempura Roscoff onion petals are seasoned with Hojicha salt and honey. A sublime fillet of trout is cured in sake, mirin and kombu before being grilled and served with a gooseberry and kohlrabi Sunomono. A seared fillet of venison with chives, radish, pear, shallot & grated ginger, will be dunked into a mirin, sake & soy sauce. Brisk leaves of chicory are tossed with a sakiyo & miso dressing then garnished with elderflower leaves.

To finish, a dessert of deep-fried Mochi popcorn is served with Anko bean paste, kinako sugar & kuromitsu sugar. If this sounds a little daunting, fear not, step by step Wild Radish has you covered. This is a fascinating and rewarding multi-course menu that showcases the multifaceted layers of Eastern cuisine. As Shuko herself says; ‘Cooking is the most intimate way to express gratitude.’

To find out more about what inspired her, click the video below.

bring the sommelier to your table...

Matthew Jukes, our wine pairing expert has paired this dish with a 2018 Melon de Bourgogne from Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie, France.

Click below to hear why he chose it and to hear the tasting notes.

Wild Radish · Izakaya Menu by Shuko Oda

Our new series of playlists are designed to accompany you during cooking, all the way through to eating your Wild Radish meal. 

Compiling the playlists is Matt Farthing, a multi-disciplinary instrumentalist, composer and sound designer who has had his music played on radio stations as far ranging as Classic FM, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 1 Xtra. 

His first playlist is a modern selection of jazz-infused tracks by young and disruptive talent from both sides of the Atlantic. Listen here, and find out more in the playlist description.